Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a certified internet stalker.

In my second month at Poke, I'm wadding in the deep black waters of social marketing research. I spend my days sitting at the Poke picnic table combing the far corners of the interwebs to find bloggers and Tweeters talking about the things I want them to talk about.

Through my internet exploration, I've picked up a few search tools that have changed my life. lets you search google blogs (take that Wordpress).

brings you the top blogs by topic. Thank you Guy Kawasaki for making my life better. gives you lots of numbers. The numbers are useless BUT the site is useful for comparing the popularity of two different websites.
shows you the number of unique monthly views.

And then we always have our standby for searching tweets. tells you who you are "most influenced by" on Twitter. It's fun but makes me feel like a Twitter wallflower.

Research is great. It gives you permission to be an online creeper for hire.


Lionel Messi said...



הנושא של יותר נפלא

Ashly Stewart said...

Good stuff.