Thursday, May 9, 2013

One very long week in Utah

 Utah welcomed us with blue skies and lots of American flags.

Everywhere we looked there were pretty mountains.


We ventured into the West seeking a waterfall. 

After sweating a lot..

We found it!

 We also saw the Mormon temple. It looked a lot like Cinderella's castle. 


We popped into Park City to tour the mining museum.

I  got my cat t-shirt dry-cleaned... whoops.

 After driving in circles, we stepped foot on the salt flats.

It was a little eerie.

 We saw some amber waves of grain.

I got food poisoning, and my lovely team sent me some goodies to keep me alive.
Thanks guys!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Six days in Singapore

This looked like a little village with red rooftops, really they were office buildings.

We ventured through Chinatown.

Then it was mango madness in Little India. 

This was a rainbow apartment complex.

 I had my first dragon fruit.

If you'd like, you can get a whole boiled chicken for lunch.

I discovered the magic of sugar cane juice.

We visited a Buddhist temple.

 This was the sign for the ladies' room.

I went to a fish spa where these little fish ate the dead skin off my feet.

Dried sea cucumbers were a hot ticket item.

I smelt durian fruit. Pee-ew!

I ate some sweet black sesame buns.

 Monica ordered enough dumplings to feed a small army. Yum!

The city looked like this:

Sayonara Singapore!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

La La London

I flew to London and saw some birds.

I ate pastries at every meal.

I walked the London bridges while eating the cupcake. 

We made faces in front of the London Eye.

We at Duck and Waffles and got to ride in a glass elevator.

We saw some laundry on the line.

I met a pony.

I stood in front of the giant doors at Saint Paul's Cathedral.

I said hello to the sun.

Pastries and pictures punctuated my days.

And of course, I posed with Big Ben.

All the school kids had adorable uniforms.


Both the buses and the taxis were far more photogenic than any American transportation.


There were no bumps, only humps.


The English loved us.