Friday, May 3, 2013

Six days in Singapore

This looked like a little village with red rooftops, really they were office buildings.

We ventured through Chinatown.

Then it was mango madness in Little India. 

This was a rainbow apartment complex.

 I had my first dragon fruit.

If you'd like, you can get a whole boiled chicken for lunch.

I discovered the magic of sugar cane juice.

We visited a Buddhist temple.

 This was the sign for the ladies' room.

I went to a fish spa where these little fish ate the dead skin off my feet.

Dried sea cucumbers were a hot ticket item.

I smelt durian fruit. Pee-ew!

I ate some sweet black sesame buns.

 Monica ordered enough dumplings to feed a small army. Yum!

The city looked like this:

Sayonara Singapore!

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