Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every little kid always wanted a room that was covered with beds, now I have one.

Most people don't understand what I mean when I say that I'm Michael's roommate, or even when I say that I'm sharing a room with him. I should really start saying "I share a mattress nest with Michael."

Despite what it may look like, sharing a room really isn't that bad. It means that you can live twice as long in New York or that you can spend twice as much money. For example, when I'm weary about buying a cup of coffee or shelling out for the Museum of Natural History. I think to myself, "I'm saving $775 by sharing a room. I can spend that money to enhance my NY experience in other ways (aka coffee and museums)."

To all the other unpaid interns out there: I suggest you consider sharing a room to cut costs.


Jen said...

Ha, this is frightening. At least you're getting free muffins!

Leslie said...

I still want a room full of beds and I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in yours.

Meg Barankin said...

WOW. Where do you pee?