Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lost Dog Rave

While on at lunch break at CMD I stumbled upon this lost dog poster.

I’m convinced it's a secret rave invite that needs to be decoded. Lost noon June 24? Who would include the exact time lost on a lost dog poster? Last seen heading East on Marshall? Did these people see their dog book it down the street at noon three weeks ago or something?

What it really means: Party, July 24th at midnight. Lots of hot German brunettes- don't be shy. Start driving East on Marshall, I bet you’ll find the place, or another lost dog poster with more specifics.

If this is a real attempt at a lost pet poster, I sincerely apologize. Please contact me and I will help you find your dog.


Kim said...

no no, Megan, I definitely think you are onto something. let's go find the party!

AlllisonM said...

Megan you are hilarious!

Anonymous said...