Monday, July 14, 2008

Get Lucky in the Ad World

Over coffee at Sydney’s, a nearby CMD hangout, CMD creative designer Leticia Kleinberg, shared her insight to the ad world with me.

Leticia says that being in the advertising industry is like dating. When you have a boyfriend someone always wants you and when you’re sitting at home in the sweat pants with the tube of cookie dough, the phone never rings.

So why is it that some are so seemingly lucky that they always have dates and job offers while others are left at home on prom night? According to a psychologist Richard Wiseman, it isn’t luck that finds us jobs and dates; it’s social connectivity. In a Forbes article, Wiseman explains that to become “lucky” you must put yourself in new situations instead of talking to the same people day after day. By limiting your social circle, you’re limiting opportunities for “luck.”

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I think it's time to put on our ad dancing shoes and hit the town! Only problem is my dates usually end up with my date or myself sucking down inappropriate drinks at a restaurant to avoid the awkwardness. Any thoughts on avoiding awkwardness-induced liver failure whilst still obtaining the job (woman) of my dreams?