Thursday, July 17, 2008

60 Seconds to Sell

In my few days at CMD, I’ve hounded creative directors, writers, editors and designers for the secret to getting into the creative industry. The reoccurring answer I get, “know who you are/what makes you special and showcase it.” In other words, develop a brand for yourself.

I realized the validity of this advice last night at PDXmindshare. How do you make yourself stand out in a room full of bright minds? Between a handshake, business card and a 60-second conversation, how do you sell yourself?

It’s good to know my time at U of O is teaching me something. Meeting at greeting at PDXmindshare isn’t all that different that trying to hold your own at a frat party- just less grinding and drinking.

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Kim said...

Maybe we should pull out the elevator booth and practice?