Monday, July 8, 2013

MoMa Rain Room

The MoMa Rain Room is a lot like what it sounds like, it’s a room full of rain. However, unlike a normal room full of rain, as you walk through this room, you don't get wet. Some how they’ve rigged all these sensors so that the rain knows where you are standing and won’t rain on you.

The only downside to The Rain Room is the wait. The first time I tried to see this exhibit, the estimated wait time for general admission was 6 hours. Holy moly! Luckily, season pass holders can wait in a priority line which opens an hour before general admission starts.(I am not a season pass holder, but my dear boyfriend just so happens to be friends with someone who is.)  Even waiting in the priority line took about two hours, but it was worth it.  

Be sure to visit with a friend; half of the fun once is taking pictures in front of the giant spotlight. Those things that look like lasers in the photos above are actually the rain. Neat right?  The exhibit closes July 28th, so go see it now please. 

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