Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Pie)

I finally ventured into Gowanus to try Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop. It was so worth the three train transfers and two avenue walk in 100 degree heat. I had the Balsamic Strawberry Pie, which was delightful.

Before ordering I awkwardly asked the pie man if it was a savory pie. He assured me that it was the exact opposite and that balsamic is used to make the strawberries pop. He was right. All I tasted was sweet, sweet strawberries. I also enjoyed a mint iced tea with my pie. The only downside to this place is that it's so awesome that everyone wants to hang out there, leaving little room to sit. Pies to go tastes just as good.

I brought my newly acquired Google Glass with me, thinking I would document my pie tasting #throughglass. However, I was too embarrassed to wear it. I put it on outside of the pie shop and took some horribly framed photos of the outside of the shop, gave up in the heat and came home to take the one above shot of my pie in its box. Next time Google Glass, next time.

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