Sunday, August 9, 2009

Homeless stuffed animals, fireflies and airline tickets with a perm in NYC

I can’t help but keep comparing New York to Oregon. Here are my three main takeaways today.

1.NYC stuffed animals don’t get much love.
I’ve found dozens of plush creatures chillin’ next to dumpsters. Why don’t city kids love teddy bears? Or is it like the Velveteen Rabbit and these toys are disease-ridden vessels that must be destroyed, perhaps bedbug infested?

2.Crazy things happen in New York.
Fireflies and busted open fire hydrants on hot days are real. I have always believed in fireflies, but it wasn’t until I saw them light up a park with their little green glowy bottoms that understood how amazing they are. And yes, I really did find this cracked fire hydrant today.

3. NYC stores believe in multitasking.
For example, this “Unisex hair salon” offers perms, coloring and airline tickets? And the place next door is a shoe repair/locksmith that sells microwaves. Down the street you’ll also find a bar/flower shop. Flower shop by day, bar by night. Maybe there just isn’t enough land here for shops to be dedicated to selling one type of goods.

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