Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8 Weeks at POKE, and this is what I've learned.

I thought I was past unpaid internships. I felt as if I’d been there, done that, and it was so four years ago. Now I find myself in New York City, sharing a room and working for free, well, more so for food (POKE pays for my lunch).

While being here, I’ve felt like a child of poverty, but discovering an ad agency that doesn’t make me feel like an evil marketing android when I walk in the door is inherently valuable. I’ve also learned that I love the small agency vibe, multitasking and that I can survive in New York.

The thing I enjoy most about the POKE peeps is that they all have side projects. Whether it’s a novel they wrote, a new application for Twitter, or something like Kideo Player, they’re all using their talents to make things that improve peoples’ lives. The best part is that they do it for fun, not to make money.

While my internship may not lead directly to a paid position at POKE, it has most definitely opened the doors to other opportunities. In the current job market, unpaid internships could be a blessing in disguise. They force us to find work we believe in and to absorb as much as possible. After all, you’d have to be crazy to show up to some place you despise everyday just to sit there and look busy.


Jen said...

Good to hear that unpaid internships are still worth it. Most college grads turn their noses at unpaid work but there's obviously a lot to gain!

michael said...

haah, I didn't realize you'd been blogging all summer until today. Good read though.