Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stupid Muffins are taking over my life.

My fellow Poke interns and I won ten boxes of free muffins from the Little Debbie's Intern Hero contest. Typically I'm turned off by contests that ask you to tweet/blog about their brand in exchange for freebies, but I admire Little Debbie for realizing the power behind interns.

About 90% of interns are under utilized and/or abused. Little Debbie realized this, and asked them to complete a simple task (up load a photo) which promotes both Little Debbie and also the intern's place of "employment". Little Debbie gets to spread her name without looking like a spam bot, the intern gets props from the boss for spreading the company name, and the whole office gets free muffins. Everyone wins.
We even announced the muffins arrival via twitter and showcased their unveiling on the Poke cam. A big wig from Little Debbie, David Griner from AdFreak and few other POKE fans showed up to watch.

All this for a few muffins and some appreciation.

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Lobese said...

rock on, fellow intern- poke ftw! you should use the pic of you and lil debbie on my blog. yall r cute!