Friday, June 5, 2009

Panda bears are the secret to networking

I was once disappointed that I couldn’t think of anything more exciting to put on my business card other than “I like panda bears. “

Of course I like panda bears, who doesn’t? While some may think this makes me generic, I now know that pandas are the secret to making new friends.

Although everyone loves a good panda, we all believe that our panda love is unique.

Therefore, the second a panda lover reads my card and realizes that I too enjoy pandas, I have an instant friend. Not only do we bond over our love of these black and white creatures, but are mutually thankful for this outlet we have created to discuss pandas.


Ashly Stewart said...

Ferrets scare me too. Did I ever tell you about the terrifying woman in the grocery store who was shopping with her FERRET out in the dairy and produce?!? Normally I wouldn't make a big deal about someone bringing their pet... that is if it were a normal pet, like a small dog or gold fish. But the ferret was all over everything and I have this phobia and so I told an employee about it every time I saw her and that thing. AHHHHHHH it was so traumatic!!! WHO DOES THAT?! WHO HAS A FERRET ANYWAY?!

Anonymous said...

you should add dolphin trainer to the list...maybe someone will hire you at Sea World! and then I could come join and train the whales! shamoo?