Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you New York

I didn't come back from my trip to New York with a job, an internship or a gold pencil. Instead, I gained a new perspective on University of Oregon's advertising program and the ad industry in general.


Anonymous said...

I’m impressed! Reading this piece of yours makes me believe that Portland is the right place for me, and that you have a talent that would make it anywhere!

Back in college, I used to dream of someday opening my own agency/shop/studio with a group of friends. Somehow, it never materialized. Heck, some of my friends didn’t end up staying in advertising.

I still have the same tenacity, though; and people like you and Kim continues to inspire me to want to do it.

Ashly Stewart said...

I love this, Megan. Really well done and true to the brand.