Sunday, January 4, 2009

Every president needs an ugly friend

I’ve been thinking about the ugly friend philosophy- the idea that a person will look more attractive when standing next to his or her ugly friend. This is based on the idea that you will always fall somewhere in between an array of people, some who look better than you and some who don’t.

All politics aside, I think this theory plays into presidential elections. The losers tend to look homely next to their Vice Presidents while the winners shin a little brighter when standing next to their running mates.

George Bush and Dan Quayle don’t fit this, but all rules need a few exceptions.

Who knew you could make Bush look ... charming?

The opposite is true when holding animals. The animal will always be better looking than you, but will cause you to look more caring which always makes you appear more attractive. Check out these famous people holding cats as proof.

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