Sunday, November 23, 2008

You don’t know what you’ve gotten until it’s gone

I spent ten days in Shanghai China and came back with an appreciation for American culture. Living in America I’d always pictured it as a boastful, overweight country full of sunburn necks and too much aftershave. However, after spending 10 days in a culture where strangers don’t smile and the answer to most questions is “no” gave me a new sense of pride in America.

Not only do we have Obama as a beacon of positive change but people are friendly here. I love the American belly laugh and seeing animated faces. The skies truly are blue here. Living in a brown haze of smog for a week makes me want to fight for our green grass and cotton ball clouds. I took 20 pictures of the blue sky on the way on the way down as to never forget the simple joys of life.

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