Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look at the giant white girl in china

I am a pop icon in Shanghai. Not because I’m famous, talented or of any importance but because I am white. It’s funny though I don’t feel alienated instead I feel unrightfully special. While listening to creative directors from around the world critique student work, the audience isn’t listening to directors, instead they’re taking photographs of me while they think I’m not paying attention.

Today my white comrade Max and I were called “movie stars” and bombarded by Chinese students requesting to take their photographs with us.

Is this racism? I don’t think so. However, I would never dream of photographing a Chinese student in one of my classes because if his race.

I guess there aren’t a lot of white people in Shanghai. What if all minorities were shown this favoritism?

P.S. I’m also a giant in China.

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Anonymous said...

So I would be a behemoth of a creature? what's bigger than a giant? Also, I'm excited to hear about your trip.