Friday, September 5, 2008

Disney Magic is in the Pixie Dust

According to the VP of Disney Technology and Innovation, Chris Heatherly’s, who presented at Inverge today, the two most important things in new toy technology (“toymorrow”) are personalization and customization. Afterall, “dressing up avatars online is one of the most popular activities for kids online,” Heatherly said.

Heatherly showed us the toys that Disney is pushing on girls ages 2-8, I was disappointed to see that they were just two: Disney princesses and Disney pixies (aka princesses with wings.)

I spent some time at Pixie Hallow today, and created my own pixie. I named her Sophie Pumpkinbutter, gave her animal listening skills and a pair of pink converse.

I’ve yet to decide if I’m disappointed in Disney culture for settling on toys that tell girls to change their clothes all day, or if I’m impressed with how kick-ass my pixie is.

No wonder I think I need 12 pairs of shoes and 25 different hoodies.

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