Monday, August 4, 2008

A Portrait of HMH

My frist day at HMH I was surprised to find more of my kind, other interns whom I can ask dumb questions.

As a "welcome to the team moment," every employee gets a professional portrait taken with a prop. Picking your prop is a way of giving yourself a label such as the math freak, flower child or avid texter.

Eight day interns don't get portraits, so I decided to make my own.

My prop: A cardboard cut out of my dearly departed kitty, TickleTail.
What it says about me: I'm an only child who grew up fantasizing about unicorns,friends and people who have siblings. I'm an optimist who holds on the the past and believes someday her kitty will come home.


Andrew said...

I would have chosen the movie Kazaam. Just to make everyone in the office real uncomfortable.

Nathaniel said...

not just props! Some departments (i.e. mine) make funny or stupid ass faces. It's as if saying, "That direction is horrible" or "That was seriously you're idea?" But then again it can also say, "Holy shit that was a good idea and I hope I can pitch it to the client with justice."