Friday, March 28, 2008

Bench Privacy in the Dorms

Sharing a room in the dorms isn’t easy, either is dating. While access to prospective dates is high in the dorms, an overall lack of privacy can get in the way of things.
Solution: Get out. Here are my top six spots to spend some down time with that special someone across the river.
(note: dress for the weather, it gets cold at night)

1. On the river- This relatively well known spot is great for watching sunsets as the water rushes by underneath. Be ware of the wackos that cross the bridge at night.

2. The shady patch behind the tree- Up a hill and behind a tree, this seclude spot is perfect when you really want to fill alone. The hallowed tree is a popular smoking spot, but these kids won’t bother you. Bring a blanket, the grass itches and there aren’t any benches.

3. Right over the bridge are two perfect benches for some down time accompanied by people watching. You’d be amazed how many bikes travel this path in just an hour.

4. Follow Pre’s Trails to a large pond nested in the trees. This quiet bench area is relatively secluded with a science view. After dark the area becomes surprisingly eerie; it will keep you two close.

5. Follow the river about half a mile down from the bridge and you’ll find this bench. While it offers more privacy that the benches on the bridge, it is a bit more of a trek. A tree covering the bench offers great shade in the summer heat.

6. Far past the dog park and through Alton Baker park’s trails, this miniature Japanese rock garden sits. Also a popular spot for the homeless of Eugene, the garden is a romantic stroll and picnic tables are near by. The tables make for great star gazing at night.

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