Sunday, June 10, 2012

2.5 Days in Chicago

Say you live in New York and you want to get away for the weekend without spending hours and hours on a plane? Try visiting Chicago. While in town, be sure to do the following (in no particular order).


1. Put your feet in Lake Michigan. The great thing about lakes is that they don't burn your eyes with saltwater. Bring a floatie.

2. Walk the waterfront with your camera. Have your friend walk behind you about 10 feet and take pictures of you. You'll look super cool.

3. See The Bean. Stand in the middle of it and try not to get dizzy.

4. Eat pizza stuffed with cheese.

5. See the fountain faces aka Crown Fountain. BONUS: play in the fountains while you look at the faces. It gets hot here.


6. Walk around Boystown to discover gems like this sign.

7. Try Indian Curly fries at Tandoor. If you check in on yelp, you can get the fries for free. Yum!

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