Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey Megan, why is there a giant ad on your blog? Did you sell out?

Those are great questions. This is an experiment with The Poppy Project.

If I can somehow get the whole three people who read my blog (and everyone they know) to hashtag their tweets #CoachPoppy and #JustinBieber, we’ll win a $2,500 Coach shopping spree. Also, rumor has it that some prizes will pop up in the pattern, so you should probably keep looking at the pretty flowers to your left.

But Megan, where does #JustinBieber come into this?

Each player in the Poppy game picks their own hashtag. I chose #JustinBieber because as we all know #JustinBieber is Twitter.

If and when I win, I will make it my life’s mission to get Justin Bieber to sign the Coach bags I buy. Then, I will auction them off to a rich 12-year-old girl (or her parents) and donate the proceeds to a charity. What charity? I’m not sure yet and am open to suggestions.

So if you’re down with my plan to help the world with purses signed by the Bieber, please tweet. You can even tweet right from the handy-widget ad living on my blog, just make sure #CoachPoppy and #JustinBieber are in it. Tweet now, please.

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Kristin said...

The design of the ad is very you, and I do love the direct association of this blog and the Biebs.