Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Shop vs. Big Agency**

I’ve been conducting a field study called little shop versus big agency. Every family has its pros and cons.

Here are a few things that I’ve noticed:

Situation 1: There is too much work and not enough people.
Small Agency: We’ll buy another French press. Every employee gets his/her own 64 oz. French press to increase productivity.
Big Agency: Let’s just re-skin something we used in an old pitch.

Situation 2: You want keys to your office.
Small Agency: You’re still an intern. No keys for you.
Big Agency: Your boss doesn’t know who you are. No keys for you.

Situation 3: You wrote something you really liked.
Small Agency: Your creative director rewrote it.
Big Agency: Your client rewrote it.

Situation 4: You have to send a mass email.
Small Agency: Get the intern to send the same email four hundred times.
Big Agency: Program a computer to do it.

Situation 5: You have to poop.
Small Agency: There’s only one bathroom, and everyone knows what’s going down. Be sure to use the lavender spray to cover up the evidence.
Big Agency: No one knows. The bathroom always smells like baby diaper.

**A nonscientific, made-up study.

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Ashly Stewart said...

I miss you. This is wonderful.