Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sometimes working in the advertising industry feels more like being on Survivor.

Imagine this: Your agency is your tribe. No matter how much you may dislike your tribe-mates, you always want your tribe to win in a reward challenge (aka a pitch). However, you'll have to work together to get there.

The same people will always win immunity. They're the alpha dogs and creative all stars. Try to form an alliance with these folks.

Jeff Probst is always on the island when outsiders are watching, but never has to sleep there. Some may call him the boss.

Your head will always be on the chopping block. There is only so much food, and if you under perform, it’s likely you won’t be given dinner. Or worse, your tiki torch will get snuffed after you've completed your work.

You won’t sleep often. In fact, at times, the only difference is that you’ll gain weight instead of losing it because you’ll sit on your ass all day staring at a computer screen.

*Please note, I tend to over exaggerate. Don't bother ruffling your feathers.

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