Saturday, September 19, 2009

Megan and the non-palm-reading, Palm reader

I always said, once I got my first paycheck I’d get my fortune told. I know many of you are thinking this is a waste of money, but the way I see it, $5 in New York is one iced vanilla latte, not a big deal.

So I asked this man, Dino, in a 4x4 booth with gold curtains on Greenwich Ave to read my palm. I put my five dollars on the table and he went off about my aura, which apparently is bright and yellowish. I am still not convinced he wasn’t just looking at my yellow dress.

Dino proceeded to tell me I needed to embrace the positive energy in my life and let go of all negative.

“Sister, you carry a wealth of positive energy and can use this to accomplish great things. If you will something, you have the aura to make it happen.”

At about this time when he was putting little scented oils on my wrists so Jesus could help me let go of some of my negative energy, and I interrupted him.

Me: “This is all great, but will you read my palm.”

Dino: “That costs $10 dollars.”

Me: “I don’t have ten dollars. Can you just look at my palm and tell me if I’m going to die young because it has been called to my attention that I have a very short life line?”

Dino: “Sister, you can’t tell anything by palms. You have not listened to anything I have said. It is your aura that determines your fate, which for you is not a fate at all.“

Me: “Please just look at my palm.”

Dino rolled his eyes and scribbled his number down on the back of a "Readings by Ann coupon" and told me to call him if I wanted to follow up on the work “we had done here”.

I surely left Dino with more negative energy than I had when I walked in. And I am not so sure I agree with his business model. He told me a palm reading was worthless, but that I could still pay him $10 to have mine read.

All said, I think I can read auras too. I just might set up shop on the corner sometime soon, let me know if you want me to save you a spot in line.

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Lupe said...

I hope in your aura readings, you just look at people's clothes and say that's the color of their aura.