Sunday, June 21, 2009

Physical Life should be > Digital life

In my first few days at Poke, the most surprising thing is the in office multitasking. Sure, Poke’s creative strategist write, design, code, dream and juggle clients all at once, but that is to be expected of a nimble agency.

What is most surprising is how Twitter functions as a social lifeline throughout the office. One person Tweets a link to monster video and the office fills with giant squid grunts. There is a continuous silent social conversation running through the office at all times, and I had no idea until I Twitter-stalked all the Pokers.

However, Twitter has not replaced physical conversation with digital conversation. Instead, twitter acts as a digital platform to launch real conversations. One person tweets and the others talk. Digital can never replace physical, only enhance it.

For example, my Poke sticker would be lame if it was digital. But look the crazy digital stuff Poke's doing with its "Don't give up," mantra.

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