Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That Girl

One day you wake up and realize that others have branded you as that girl. What exactly that is, varies from person to person. For me, that girl = cat girl. It starts with one simple pet that inspired multiple cat gifts- everything from kitten-laden bags to cat coffee cups. One gift spawns another.

I attribute my implied affection for cats on multiple factors
1. I am an only child but only had cats, mom didn’t like dogs or other children.
2. I’m not athletically gifted therefore I could never be a “sports” star.
3. My love of used books; used books store owners always have cats.
4. My need to use all gifts I receive. People spot me using the cat paraphernalia and naturally assume I love cats. This fuels the cat gifting cycle.

I do actually like cats. I just find it amusing how everyone thinks I’m obsessed with them so much so that I’ve destined myself to become the crazy cat lady in my later years.

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