Wednesday, January 28, 2009

YouTube controls my life

From now on, all flash pieces will be made in 30 frames per second so they flow better on youtube. This is a lesson learned too late for my honesty project, seen above. Please excuse the choppiness.


Ricky said...

You are the flash pro! Sucks I couldn't hear more about this today, but I like it, and good work!

Darcie said...

I'm liking the new background.

Present tense. That's how I am rolling.

K_Rupp said... this is super and I, like Ricky am saddened I didn't get to see/contribute to class yesterday.

You should try uploading to Vimeo...and there might be a few others with better compression rates that don't make the stuff you worked hard as shit on...look like shit...not that this does...but you know what I mean.

Ashly Stewart said...

I second the background change, looks great!

I really enjoyed this style of writing form you, keep it up.