Monday, November 24, 2008

Isolated Lomography

There are some things you don’t plan for, such as being so sick that you dry heave all day or that your blog would be blocked by the Chinese government.

Seeing as I wasn’t avidly blogging during my time at the One Club workshop in China, I kept a running log of thoughts. I’ve posted a few of them, but I must admit it was nice being free of twitter updates, text messages, emails and facebook comments.

Instead, I took this time to photography our process.

Documentation, documentation, admiration, cooperation and documentation
Pressing into the unknown and emerging with one part answers and three parts questions
Hope found in the innocent and unexpected. When you think everyone is gone, look deeper and you'll find a nugget of bliss
Friendship runs deeper than languageOur peers are our strongest asset, learn, share and grow


Anonymous said...

this is another perfect example of why we need to go escape to mexico and live for a year. probably the best career move.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I now have a *rogue* blog in my newsreader ;) How did it get blocked by the government?

megan pants said...

That's just the way China works Bram. My blog is obviously full of stuff that will destroy China's communist army. But in all, it was an amazing trip.