Monday, October 13, 2008

Sometimes it's good to know what you're doing before you do it

I thought I was making a presentation about what I learned this summer, then I checked my email and discovered I was making a presentation about bringing finding inspiration in daily life.

Then I realized, I didn't learn a whole lot about inspiration this summer. However, I did learn a few other things that won't fit in the creativity presentation.

1. Be Brave- We are young and fearless. We need to use it. Don't be scared to share, ask questions and break molds. The only good thing that comes out of a mold is a bunt cake, and bunt cakes lead to childhood obesity.

2. It's a small world- Everyone knows everyone else. Don't burn bridges. Be nice to strangers, but don't take their candy.

3. We are digital- People are freaked out about digital stuff. What our professors don't realize is that we (young minds) ARE digital. We were born bilingual and need to use it to our advantage.
4. Be transparent- Do stuff then share it. Sharing grows and strengthens work. 5. Get a life- I'm still working on this one. But you need a life to do anything worth while. How can you write if you have nothing to talk about?

What I learned from this: Don't start working on things until you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing.

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