Monday, October 27, 2008

My Manifesto

We had to write our manifestos for class. It felt a lot like writing my bio for a social media application.

I watch. I listen. I’m a cultural filter, a spy, a thinker, a judger, a chart maker and a juggler. I am a writer.

Not a tag line machine or a poet, but a writer. I believe in the power of an idea to motivate and inspire.

I don’t’ want to sell things. I want to make things. I want to cut, paste and scribble. I want to live on a beach with white sand and make YouTube videos. I want this to work.

I find joy in the mundane. The perfect drinking fountain and the first dip out of the peanut butter jar make me happy. I know it’s not normal to be “normal.” I embrace the quirks that make life a story worth telling.


Kim Karalekas said...

yup, i almost considered copying and pasting my myspace bio for my manifesto. not.

Ashly Stewart said...

Oh, shit.

I am really glad you didn't do the Portland Experience like you thought you were going to do. I like having you here.