Friday, September 12, 2008

Get a Life Horse Freak

Production designer, Michael Curry, says the secret to success is simple- work harder than the guy next to you and you’ll get noticed.

The general consensus says you have to have a life to be creative. Curry says there is no such thing as “random.” When an idea dances off your lips, it is a culmination of past experiences condensed into that moment. Moral of the story, I need a life.

To create unique pieces, we can’t rely on the experiences and past work of others. This is why Curry suggests staying away from five page background check before you’ve had time to let an idea marinate. The “ah-ha” moment doesn’t come from accepted knowledge.

I admire Curry for his free-spirited nature, even more so because he posed with a toy horse for his professional portrait.

We all need a little bit of horse love in life. Most girls want ponies for Christmas. I never got a real pony, but to keep the magic of horses in m life I’ve started a horse blog.

Posting a blog dedicated to unicorn/horse videos is not going to give me a life, but I did it anyway.

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