Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Viral Vampires

After donating blood today at Fish Marketing, I stumbled upon this ad for the Fellowship of the Sun's protest against the Vampire Rights Amendment. Turns out the Fellowship of the Sun is a vampire hater coalition, complete with Bible thumpers and bad typography. I know I was light headed from blood loss, but I couldn’t believe that a silly cause like this could shell out the money for a full-page color ad.

A quick Google search lead me to the Fellowship of the Sun’s counter site, Blood Copy. Blood Copy supports the vampire equality act and claims that with the invention of “Tru Blood,” a synthetic blood substitute, vampires can be successfully integrated to the human population.

I scoured both sites, but nothing hinted that the Vampire Rights Amendment was a hoax. It took a deeper Google search to discover this is all part of a viral marketing campaign for a HBO show, “True Blood”.

Props to the people who created this campaign. Not only did they get me to spend 30 minutes watching their PSA's and reading about the fake vampire movement on the mulitple websites marketers created, but they know their audience. People who praise Buffy, Angel and The Lost Boys, are the same people who are always looking to expose an internet conspiracy.

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