Thursday, July 24, 2008

Extreme Office Makeovers

If the United Kingdom can redesign its city streets to cater to drunks, Fish Marketing can redesign its new office to cater to creatives.

My suggestions:
1.Giant trees- not only do house plants calm women but they produce lots of oxygen, which can lead to a natural high
2.The teleportation chamber- saves time and cuts down on nasty travel pollution
3.Trap door for bad ideas
4.In house coffee drip lines fixed straight to your arm- gives you a caffeine boost and protects your teeth from coffee stains
5.Mexican jumping bean pit
6.Pitless cherries- because I look unprofessional spitting pits into my garbage can
7.Giant TV screen with live feeds to city hotspots- allows you to conduct market research/people watch from the comfort of your own desk
8.On staff unicorns
9.Giant gumball machines filled with donuts and ideas

(I like giant things)


ms. lierre said...

Brilliant. Most of these suggestions would be welcome additions at an agency. Also, I see CMD rubbed off on you a bit; now you're talking about teleportation, too

Anonymous said...

You forgot an on staff unicorn cleaner-uper after-er. You don't want to deal with that. Just because they're mythical doesn't mean unicorns don't poop. Everybody poops, Megan.

I have a book about it if you want to read it.