Sunday, July 20, 2008


This week COLAB team Lattice talked about Archetypes, conversation sparked by an article found by Allison. I’m not sure what each Lattice member’s Archetype is, but we do have a family dynamic forming. The way I see things as of now in the Lattice family:

Heather: The loving mother who watches our backs, bakes us cookies and makes sure we have a ride to school in the morning and get to our cars safely at night
Allison: The responsible older sister who cares for the family with mom because dad left us for another woman, while juggling school, relationships and a social life
Whitney: The confident sister who lets you borrow her cool clothes and teaches you how to put on mascara
Melissa: The artsy aunt who lets you pierce your belly button when your mom says no
Me: The crazy Grandma that gives you ugly Christmas sweaters and carries pictures of her cats in her wallet

(please note: this is an over simplification of the Lattice family, dynamics are ever-changing and we all wear multiple hats)


AlllisonM said...

you crack me up!!! Good family description :P

Anonymous said...

i'll make sure to bring some cookies to our next meeting! lol